Creepy basement   March 5th, 2011

Our dream homes say a lot about us, probably more than any other dream symbol.  Your home in your dream, whether it is your actual home or an unfamiliar home, is also reflective of you.  It is everything about you and how you live.  The style of the home, the condition of the home, what happens in the home, even the rooms in the home are connected to you and how you feel about your self as well as what is going on inside the psyche that your body houses.  The basement is one of the more common rooms that we dream about… for good reason!  When you dream of a basement you really need to pay attention because there is a very serious message waiting for you down there!  Listen to the audio below to find out why the basement dream is not only common, but also super important.  This is from when I was on the air on KISS FM 105.3 in Gainesville, FL with Brett Douglass.

House dreams, crazy sex dreams, death, animals, weird things happening to your body PLUS way cool dream art… It’s ALL in there!  Grab your copy of So, What Did You Dream Last Night? and understand your dreams like never before! MAKES A GREAT GIFT TOO!!!

“Your books have been a life saver for me! Being able to understand my dreams has helped me to turn my marriage around because they were showing me what I have been doing to make our situation worse. Wow. It’s unbelievable how helpful my dreams have been to me.  I can not thank you enough.” - Tammy, Flagstaff, AZ

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